Feeling Hungry?

Mia feeling hungry
Mia feeling hungry
The manuscript for “Rice Pudding in a Duvet” is just about done. It will be published through Smashwords, who will distribute it too. Exciting days as the late snows fall, dreadful dinners for the family from distracted mummy and thinking about the next book now. “Glove Story.”



12 thoughts on “Feeling Hungry?

  1. Well done, Heather! Such speedy progress. Paris is my favourite one so far : – )) Look forward to following the ins and outs of Smashwords.


    1. Many more steamy French tales in the book!


  2. Yeah!!! Can’t wait!!!

    Always take time for fun! Lynell

    lynelln@hotmail.com 07511694616


  3. E books are all very well, but how am I ever going to make a fortune on a signed first edition?! Thrilled to see you are being recognized as a writer, can’t wait to read your books for years to come x


    1. POD! Print on demand will be available through Smashwords too! So you, me and my mum will all have a book to put on the coffee table! Now what to put on the cover?


  4. So very excited to see your writing in print…it is great fun to read!


  5. Bravo Heather! I really enjoyed the chapters you posted so far and look forward to reading the all book!


  6. Can’t wait to read more of your mesmerizing words!!! Whooooo!


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