Rice Pudding in a Duvet?

Rice Pudding in a Duvet?

Trying to design a cover for the book. Am I barking-up the wrong tree? (That’s a saucepan of rice pudding by Holly)


6 thoughts on “Rice Pudding in a Duvet?

  1. Hmmm… My husband asked if it was a book about dogs…


    1. Well, Holly is the only member of the family who will have a photo taken these days!I hear your comment though, and will try and evoke food and travel more. I have a mock-up that I will scan and post later


      1. She does look very cute 🙂


  2. actually if you leave out the dog and keep the pan in the duvet it would intrigue me (if I didn’t know the story, which many people won’t).


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