At Home

At Home

How about a quiet and calm photo like this one as the front cover of the book? Thank you Sapna for suggesting it!

8 thoughts on “At Home

  1. Definitely something warm, loving and cosy, like the title of your book! Steam coming off a bowl of risengrod with swirly heart shapes or something!


  2. Yes, I’m onto it; bet that you would like the Holly picture!


  3. Great choice, very atmospheric.

    L Xxx

    Sent from my iPad


  4. I do love this photo. It’s very calm and serene. But, from my graphic designer perspective, it’s too dark for a book cover. Something along these lines would be great though. I like Jo’s idea of a steamy bowl of risengrod.

    Just my two cents worth (or should I see two kroner worth!).

    Luv ya! Janet


  5. Thanks for the good advice, as always, Janet!


  6. hey

    I liked the idea with the suitcase full of food – either a photo or drawn image …. since the book is about food and travels;-)



    1. Thanks Lotte! I still have my thinking hat on!


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