Death by chocolate?
Death by chocolate?
It’s with a fashionable sigh that I have to say that I’ve gone gluten-free. But it’s the volume of attention that a gluten-free diet has attracted lately that has finally made me sit-up and realise that my family, on my mother’s side, and I have gluten intolerance. For donkey’s years my mum has told me all about:
“My cousin Maureen’s children have coeliac disease and the poor buggers can’t eat any wheat gluten.”
They entered family mythology as the benighted one’s who couldn’t eat pizza, bread, cakes, pies, sauces… anything easy, toasty and tasty in short. We thanked our lucky stars and tucked-into another spoonful of blueberry crumble. Thirty years and several thousand sandwiches passed me by until I had a wake-up call two weeks’ ago.

Since then I’ve been ravenous and howling at the moon, as I experiment on myself the feasibility of going gluten-free. Also easing my kids into the new diet too…this I have yet to do fully as it’s so difficult in this wheat world of ours. I do feel very vital and rather a lean machine it has to be said. I can even look down my body and say, “Long time no see” to all manner of things that I haven’t seen since I was a skinny art student.

I’m eating a lot of asian inspired food, with rice become my main carbohydrate. Soy sauce is proving to be a tricky ingredient though, as it too contains wheat. I’m turning a blind-eye to that one though, as I’m struggling hard to educate and feed myself at the moment and won’t give my beloved soy sauce up..ever.

Today I wanted some cake. Here is the recipe for a rich and divine flourless chocolate cake. The texture melts in the mouth and is so dense with chocolate that it is almost black. I do feel a little sick now though, and the kids had to lie-down afterwards, so please eat in moderation.

This is how Holly felt after watching us eat.
This is how Holly felt after watching us eat.

Preheat your oven to 150 C. Grease a small 20cm cake or flan tin. Melt 100g dark chocolate with 120g butter in a saucepan. When melted add 180g sugar, 100g cocoa powder and 3 eggs. Beat lightly with a whisk and pour into the cake tin. Place in the oven for about 20 to 30 minutes and remove when it is still gooey when you insert a sharp knife. Today I served it with a dusting of cocoa powder, some fresh strawberries and a massive dollop of whipped cream.
Next week I will write an article on preventing diabetes or heart-disease after all this piggery!



  1. Great progress 🙂 very proud of you mum ❤ 🙂


    1. Aww ! Thank you my beautiful baby


  2. What was the wake up call two weeks ago, Heather?


  3. I read an article about the high proportion of people suffering from a strong reaction to wheat based products. If you look around, the vast majority of products contain flour here in the West. This article also listed some of the commonest ailments related to coeliacs disease; it was like looking at a medical history of my mother’s family. For so many years we have been aware that gluten was probably harming us, I decided a couple of weeks ago to see if I was capable of giving-up delicious bread. This morning I’m stumped again at the the thought of the miserable breakfast that awaits me, but will struggle-on!


  4. I wish I had your determination and courage Heather! I dropped breads out years ago due to a soy and corn allergy alert (both are in just about everything). I never felt better. But, I adore my breads so alas I’ve given up the giving up of yeast based products years (and many pounds) ago. I wish you many many years of happy gluten-free eating!


    1. Try again Janet. Wheat gluten has been likened to an rotten boyfriend; you know that he is no good and pulls you down, but you lack the strength to face life without him and his attractive…um..buns!
      Wheat gluten is also a contributing factor in diabetes. Stop the wheat and the symptoms fade away.
      This all leads onto the sad fact that humble wheat has been GM’ed to such an extent to produce such high yields, that it has become intolerable for many of us to consume. Look at our parents and grandparents generations; they weren’t all so unhealthy, obese and ill. It’s not sugar, the internet or saturated fat…it’s bloody WWW (World Wide Wheat)


  5. Sushi for lunch…again. It’s not all bad


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    1. Nice words. I’m not sure what I do. but I must be doing something right with all these widgets


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