Lost Child
Lost Child
Click on the underlined youtube link (just to the top left of the photo) and find that I’m going a little off tangent from my current book theme, the proofreading of which is still dragging me down. But a little taster (I’ve never made a youtube video before, so bear with me) of what my next work will be based around “Glove Story”…lost gloves around the world! At the moment, in the early spring in Denmark, there are all manner of sorry looking single gloves to be found in unususal places. People actively care-for and fuss-over freshly lost gloves. Putting them lovingly on prominent benches, up trees and bushes, on railings or neatly onto of walls. After a while they begin to be less important and, unless they are lucky and found again by their owner, slowly drift into the detritus of leaves and rubbish that accumulate after and during the winter months. Others get swept-up into rivers, or taken by the sea to be washed-up on lonely beaches. My camera has been clicking for 15 years whenever I have felt the calling and seen inspirational, or tragic looking single gloves.

I began my quest for lost gloves 15 years ago in Norway, while I was out hiking with my first-born in a rucksack. I came across a very old glove by a cairn and started creating a story about the glove coming from  a glacier, and was actually from the last ice-age. My theory is that humankind have been losing, and caring for, lost gloves for a very longtime indeed.

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