My girls and I getting a kicking
My girls and I getting a kicking

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Just real life jumping-up and knocking me down. We dust ourselves off and stagger onwards, but when our children are involved us females of the species do tend to become pretty ferocious.

Over the past few months I’ve reminded myself of how muggers tend to avoid women with children; finding them way too aggressive to tackle. Or woe betide anyone who crosses the path of a female hippopotamus, wild pig or grisly bear if their young are in the vicinity!

But my anger has abated, just as rapidly emerged when we were threatened. Followed by grief hot on its heels, followed by bitterness, more anger and then acceptance. After finding a safe path for my daughter to follow and finish her last year of secondary education, I had intended to go back and finish the job-off and create some real mayhem for those who I felt had let us down. For the past couple of months I have been quietly honing my blade and thinking of my strategies. In-between weeping and washing away with anger the past happy seven years at the kid’s school.

But happy they have been, so why erase all the good things too? All I can do now is look to the future and realise that if they had listened to me then things would have turned out for the better for all the kids. But they didn’t. So I pack away my weapons and simply walk away. My seven-year flirtation with politics came a sticky end, but my life long love for my children continues. 

Now I will get back to writing my blog. Sorry that I went away!

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