What to Expect: finding true love and perfecting preorders for my newly-born novel

So here I am. Exhausted after a white night of blogging and a winter cold that has all but wiped the rice pudding from my life. But, the contractions for giving birth to my very first book have begun:

  1. The manuscript is ready to upload.
  2. The cover is a delight, hope that you think so too!
  3. The title is fixed, and a sub header tagged-on: Rice Pudding in a Duvet. The journey home, with snacks.
  4. I’ve just applied for an ISBN from the Danish office.
Cover design:  Janet Daghri at Arc Graphic Design
Cover design: Janet Daghri at Arc Graphic Design

I’ve only read up to finishing the writing, so then I started worrying about marketing. I went painfully to look for advice from the two potential fathers of my e-book baby, Amazon or Smashwords. I’ve never loved Amazon, but saw him as a powerful partner. I’ve always loved Smashwords, he’s been so nurturing and careful with me, but my head was being turned by the glamour of the other guy at the crucial last moment.

I braced myself for being an indie author all alone, then found this waiting for me in my inbox: Hit the Ebook Bestseller Lists with Preorders: A Guide to Preorder Strategy from Smashwords, Inc.


2 thoughts on “What to Expect: finding true love and perfecting preorders for my newly-born novel

  1. Love your blogs. Very interesting. So did you use pre-order and how did it work.

    Congrats on the completion of your book.

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    1. Cheers Dee! Good to hear from you.
      No, I never managed pre-orders. I opted to upload to Amazon first, but found-out that they don’t support pre-orders from little squirts like me (established names get the opportunity). Afterwards, all my ‘cunning plans’ with Smashwords for pre-ordering fell to pieces. Mark Coker, from Smashwords, emailed me and explained how NEXT TIME I could make the pre-order date with Smashwords first, then simply release with Amazon on that date. Thus achieving my goal with Smashwords at least. It’s been such a learning curve!


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