What to Expect: having a manuscript

My family sleeps. I sneak downstairs, turn the computer on, post the new cover to my book and see that two darling American bloggers like it almost immediately. So I Like them back and feel not so freaky and alone in exhausted Europe. There is real kindness, respect and gentleness in this new world of ours.

This small Danish town that I live in is cold and dark, but burning from the depths of my warm English soul is a book all about the world. A world that I’ve watched for a long time, but thankfully, I’m not exhausted at all as I never really did get a proper job. I was just taking notes.

I could be potentially a premium pain-in-the-ass now. But I’m not, I’m nice and I want to greet the world again with a big hug, a great book and an arsenal of technology. I’m an INDIE AUTHOR. I’m bypassing conventional publishing houses and all the twaddle with literary agents. I smell freedom, there is a hint of the 1960s in the air and suddenly the whole order of things is unsettled and the good guys get the microphone. It’s very exciting times.

3:17 on Sunday morning: The dog has just come downstairs to remind me to go back to bed. My demon book promoter is saited for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I’ll try to arrange pre-orders of my e-book – and read that chapter for the first time. I’ll be kind and thoughtful to other bloggers and I will ask my son, once again, what Twitter is?

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