What to Expect: spring fever

Spring has Sprung
Spring has Sprung

The winter virus that has coiled itself around us is giving us one hell of a squeezing. I staggered out into the soft, sharp light of our first real spring morning in Denmark, as the mopped floors dried and my poorly child lay sleeping. On my short walk, away from winter and sickness, I saw small miracles of growth everywhere; the first crocus, snowdrops, eranthis and blackbird calling a new tune. There is hope and renewal everywhere, you just forget sometimes.

I got home, opened my laptop and saw two more small miracles:

  1. I have an ISBN for my book Rice Pudding in a Duvet. The journey home, with snacks. Sadly, it’s the wrong ISBN. My flaky command of the Danish language had me filling the form out with my married name, far too confusing. Back to the efficient Danish office with the correct details and a prayer that they send the new one quickly.
  2. I received an email from Smashwords, Inc. my true love in the e-book publishing world. It simply said that I can publish through them AND with Amazon. The golden rule is to not to join their “KDP Select” programme and go exclusive with them, their regular KDP is good enough.

So hope, health and faith restored in the goodness of people…and the ISBN tomorrow!


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