The Proof of the Pudding is in the Reading!


Then comes the marketing, then the sales! The whole process of publishing a book resembles more and more having a baby. I truly only applied myself to having a wild youth, writing about it and paying my kind and talented friends around the world in cake to illustrate and edit it. I had a (naive) thought that I could get the equivalent of an epidural for the book format, the uploading and conversions. No such luck, I did it all. No time for pain killers (or pre-orders) the blood pressure rose and I pushed my baby girl out onto Amazon and Smashwords.

She’s alive, kicking and going viral (oh no!). She’s howling for readers (and feedback) and has just become #1 at Gastronomy. Here’s the proof of my homespun marketing for my sweet and gurgling baby book:



4 thoughts on “The Proof of the Pudding is in the Reading!

  1. I’ll say it again… have always been, and will always be….a ROCK STAR!!!


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