The Publicised Power of Love

Rice Pudding and a Daffodil

Rice Pudding and a Daffodil

A blank page, what a luxury!

Over the past few weeks I’ve changed hats from quiet writer to crazed book publisher and advertising menace. It’s all part of the indie marketing campaigns that Smashwords and Amazon urge their writers to pursue. Otherwise, all your efforts as a writer land heavily on the broad shoulders, and goodwill, of old friends and proud family.

That’s where I am, perched painfully and flexing my Avon lady and Tupperware sales muscles while peddaling my exposed soul to the people that sometimes inspired me, and who always supported me. It’s got to stop, but I’m buggered if I know where to pitch my wares next. I’m not a happy bunny about this, but perhaps speaking to the universe through might blog might open the gates to new pastures? (Reblog me sweet readers!)

At the beginning of March, from my base in Denmark, I made a trip back to England. I don’t go often, as we are a family of five and my parents live in a 400 year old summerhouse in Herefordshire.

The Summerhouse
The Summerhouse

There just isn’t enough space for us all, now that the children are hulking great teenagers. In the old days I could happily squeeze all the babes into charming nooks and crannies, or else pack them off outside to look for fairies in the 200 year old maze. This time I took just one, ten year old Lola the little girl on the cover of my book.


A couple of days before we left Denmark, I’d contacted the local newspaper in my hometown of Ross on Wye. It was easy, as I guessed that journalists need a little helping hand sometimes, and a fully formatted article to fill-out the pages between the latest local stories of petty crime and pancake races can be a godsend.

Home cooked article
Home cooked article

Anyway, the morning after we arrived I was having breakfast with Lola, when the phone rang,

‘Who the bloody hell is that?’ My mum sighed as she wandered over to answer it. It was an old friend,

‘Your Heather’s in the paper!’

Dad was out like a shot to the local shop, with vicious Jack Russell in tow.

The Ross Gazette today, tomorrow Le Monde
The Ross Gazette today, tomorrow Le Monde

The ‘cunning’ plan worked beautifully. What I really wanted was to make my family feel loved, proud and give some of their nasty old neighbours a well-deserved slapping. It worked like clockwork.

I haven’t sold much. But I’m nearly finished with paperback edition now to piss the neighbours off even more!

2 thoughts on “The Publicised Power of Love

  1. Don’t worry crazy flower knight, it will sell. Give them some time. Otherwise I’ll buy all the paper copies to have exclusive reading 🙂


    1. I’ll never get to Noma at this rate! Perhaps I could buy all the copies and give them away? Hmm, what a financial whizz I am. Inspired by you of course 🙂


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