Rice Pudding at Rudling House

Good news. No, brilliant news! Rice Pudding in a Duvet and I are now being represented by a sparky new publishing house called Rudling House. Click on the link and you’ll see me (third down) on their author page, then click on Fiction in the  Books side bar and you’ll find a nice helping of Rice Pudding. My e-book and paperback books are still available for purchase at Amazon worldwide.


I’ve started my next book this week. I’ll keep it under wraps (not another food pun!) while it develops, but there might have to be a Jack Russell character.

It’s a huge milestone for me today to be involved and promoted by Rudling House, I’m getting a bit emotional and I may well start slobbering, ‘I love you all so bloody much’ into my champagne (later). In the acknowledgements at the start of Rice Pudding in a Duvet, I’ve said thank you to so many of my friends’ and family who’ve helped me along the way. Today, it’s time to say thanks to Holly, my Jack Russell terrier. She’s so fed-up with me because I’ve started writing again; not so many walks and that distracted air about me that tells her that her rank in the pack has plummeted. Right now Holly has taken to her bed with a sigh and a snort, and is raising a family of three black socks. We all wish her and her family every success during this difficult period!




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