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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Expert Expat Export! 

16 Jun 2014

By PatrickT

Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
This unorthodox, unusual book would also make the basis of a delightful TV documentary! Written by an expat, now settled in Denmark after a life spent travelling, it ties together observations made in a range of settings, near and FAR from home, and colours them with beautifully caricatured reactions and responses to the people and places encountered. It makes a significant contribution to the current debate about integration and “culture-meets-culture”, which is demanding everyone’s energy around the globe. Yet there is also a VERY important PERSONAL dimension to every one of the episodes in this book (only ONE of which is mentioned in the quirky, fascinating title) and one can quickly become a member of the “Heather Fan Club” without ever meeting her! The stories reward you with reminiscences of a favourite dish or other culinary memory of the path much travelled in each episode, and an insight into the way “foreigners” look at Danes – and how they look back! For me, it transfers across cultures and places. That’s one of the many things humour is good at! Lots of smiles, lots of memories, lots of references, lots of food! It is a good / fun / food / read!

Thank you Patrick T…whoever you are!

If you have read, or are reading  ‘Rice Pudding in a Duvet” please please write me a review (It helps me to reach a larger audience),

If you still haven’t read the book, then you’re in for a treat!

Remember that it’s nearly time for the long summer vacation. Just the moment to order and pack some entertaining literature for those lazy days ahead – that paperback/kindle book could be my book, “Rice Pudding in a Duvet.”

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  1. Just showing you all how easy it is to leave a comment!


  2. I will do a review in the summer holidays :-)) Xx


  3. One will try one’s best.


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