Rødgrød Med Fløde

Strawberry fields forever!
Strawberry fields forever!

In conjunction with my e-book publishers, Rudling House, we’re holding a one week sale for my popular new novel, Rice Pudding in a Duvet.


It’s a lovely book to read as you relax and unwind in those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. The sale runs from Monday the 23rd of June, through to Sunday the 29th of June, with the e-book priced at a lovely 99p.
The novel offers you a warm and witty take on life, as we follow our quirky heroine around the world in thirty wild years. Each chapter is inspired by a tried-and-tested recipe; they’re all as delicious as the writing, easy to digest and perfect for entertaining!
While I’m at it, I may as well offer you a lovely recipe that actually made me weep with joy today. My daughter and I went strawberry picking under powder-puff blue Danish skies. We gathered plenty, and ate more. But these sweet and organic strawberries started looking sad and weary just a few minutes after plucking from their parent plant. Later at home I abandoned all plans of dipping them in boiling chocolate, and instead finished them off quickly by blitzing them in a blender. Adding just a touch of sugar, to make a fabulously sophisticated sauce.
The recipe is inspired by a pleasing Danish dessert called ‘rødgrød med fløde’ (red mush with cream). The name of the dish in Danish features many of the elements of the Danish language that make Danish difficult for non-native speakers to pronounce. ‘Rødgrød med fløde’ is a commonly used shibboleth, which the Danes use to test to see if you really are a Danish speaker or not. (I fail every time!) The traditional recipe stews the life out of the beautiful fruit, and then adds a load of starchy thickening as a final insult. I prefer no cooking and to serve it with healthier, and edgier, greek yoghurt.
‘Rødgrød Med Fløde’ – a foreigner’s interpretation:
Take one kilo of fresh strawberries. In batches, blend them to a thick puree and finally add sugar to taste, I find that about 200 grams give the berries a smooth and sweet ‘lift.’ Beat greek yoghurt lightly with a whisk, then spoon into pretty dishes, drizzling the sensational sauce over the top.
Serve to you favourite people, and weep for joy over it together on a beautiful day!



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