Yoga for Books

Sun Salutation

In the Northern Hemisphere the sun hangs low in the sky, and the shortest day staggers into view next week, a time when we’ve sighed in collective relief since the beginning of time.  Almost a year ago I travelled to Southern India to train as a yoga teacher – partly out of need to escape this unforgiving greyness, but also to embrace the one thing that has meant so much spiritually to me over the past few years – YOGA. If you scroll back through my blog posts you’ll begin to see the deep attachment and impressions that this direct trajectory made in my life. Yet up until today, I’ve felt reticent to teach – preferring instead to attend classes or make my own personal practice.

Today, in the warmth of my nice home I taught. And it was well-rehearsed, it came from the heart, and I believe that I helped to share a little the knowledge that I gained in India. The candles flickered in the Nordic gloom at 9:30, Erik Satie’s Trois Gymnopédies played and my students began their own journeys into their minds eye in my lounge in Denmark.

Over tea, I asked for donations at the end of the session from my students – I’d like this money to accumulate and to purchase books for the library of the school in my Village School Project. Click on The Village School Project and beginnings to see a little of these ideas. As a writer, a teacher, a mother and a yoga devotee I can see a lovely harmony in it all.



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