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A mother’s letter to her daughter; the adventures of Alice Bonneville-Beck will take you from campsite to kitchen via the finest hotels, Parisian tenements, Australian outback, old Danish towns and misty Norwegian mountains. “Rice Pudding in a Duvet, a journey home with snacks” offers nourishment for the soul blended and served with laughter, tears, a twinkle in the eye and a recipe at the end of each chapter. Alice writes from the heart, and cooks from memories of her own path to womanhood and her quest to find the way home.

Heather Bookworld Puerto banus. 19:10:17

My book, Rice Pudding in a Duvet is launched! A little delay with North America (the 7th of November) but for the rest of the world it was released on the 1st of November. This is the second edition of this popular and well-loved book. Beneath the shiny new cover you’ll discover a beautifully illustrated and considerably extended novel; all glistening with a new flow, confidence and clarity that never occured to me in the first self-published edition. Here’s a link to Rice Pudding in a Duvet at where sales are booming 🙂

More details on Rice Pudding In A Duvet’s Facebook page and Instagram. A follow, like, or a share would be greatly appreciated


One of the charming new illustrations 🙂

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