Some snapshot reflections on the landscape photography exhibition, “Out Of The Blue.” 

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50 hand framed images related to the concept of finding a meditative healing through the power of nature, most images have blue as the predominant colour. These pictures were all taken in the past three years in Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and India, when I embarked on a journey to resolve some traumatic changes which had happened in my life. The journey was difficult, one where shades of blue were the predominant emotional response, my quest to find calm and understanding leading me way beyond my comfort zone and into a kaleidoscope of revealatory experiences. Time and again I found that my fears were quietly hushed by the power, love and tranquility of Nature. The journey began within, on my yoga mat in the dark winter months of 2015 in Denmark, where the blessed peace of yoga and meditation offered me a sanctuary away from the harsh realities that awaited my family in our everyday life. Nature cradled me, taught me to become my own Mother and gently handed me back compassion and strength. In time, as I staggered out of shock, Nature began revealing and teaching me powerful lessons. Leaving me breathless and in need of some way to capture the grandeur – what better device than the camera on an iPhone 6!

I like the way in which you can see the artist in the framed images above, they’re a catalogue of the work but reveal a little more graphically their depth of meaning.


It was an education for me to experience, and accomplish the many skills involved in exhibiting work. To an outsider, it might appear to be just about taking photographs, but it’s about honing an army of hidden strengths when you hold a one-woman-show.

Initially, living the life and training as a creative eye, then couple this with the experience, hunger, obsession and motivation to capture the images. This is then followed by a whole arsenal of newly acquired skills – marketing, graphic design, picture framing, decorating, hanging the work, learning new social media tricks, writing copy, launching my book, event planning, catering, driving (and parking) and then appearing before the public unruffled, at ease and at home in the new terrain of being an exhibiting artist.

I loved it!


Setting up the show in the small, but perfectly-formed gallery in the heart of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

The vernissage

But I wasn’t alone. The exhibition was held in Galleri Upper Canada  in the heart of Copenhagen. As I tinkered around in the bright and pleasant space by day, in the back rooms the distinguished Canadian artist, writer and poet Heather Spears  worked continuously and with humility on her writing, her exquisite portraits, her causes and visions for a better world. Then she would make me lunch, and I would prepare something for her in the long and lovely two weeks when I stepped away from my life and exhibited my findings.

Pigs might fly? Heather Spear’s zebra friend.
Holly, my trusty companion
Hanging the show
Short days of December, I burnt many candles
Launching my book in Copenhagen



Sunlight in December!
It was a difficult time for the dog


And, finally. The image that had inspired the title of the show:

Out Of The Blue

Hiking steeply uphill, every part of my body working like a finely-tuned machine. The air at 2000 metres was thinner, causing me to stop frequently. While catching my breath, I listened to the delicate spring overture that was developing all around. The excited chatter of streams filled with meltwater from the snow fields higher up the mountain. The invisible birds that sang their distinctive spring melodies of love, while the sweet wind gently tousled my hair and rattled the high pine branches overhead. I felt pristine, like the first woman in the world.

4 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Hi wee Heather beautiful windup of the show and all you put into it. You are an inspiration! Especially love the sun streaming in across the gallery floor. Magic! Thanks too for your glowing mention of indehaveren!


    1. Hi Heather! Funny how it’s generally us who are the ones commenting on WordPress! With love, wee Heather


  2. Beautiful shades of blue!! I’d love to spend a whole day in that space with the sun shining in!!


    1. Thank you, miko​! Your wish is my command!

      Liked by 1 person

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