Webshop With H’art


The WEBSHOP is born!

It’s early days, it’s the first day. The dream is to link it to something close to my heart in this dark age of despotism, greed and senseless destruction.


In 2015 I travelled to southern India and was privileged enough to be able to help teach at a tiny village school. The young students aged 3 to 11-years old sat joyfully together in one room, and in their contentment they were probably far richer than us. But as a teacher, I could see the need for some basics – for pencils, paper, books, clean drinking water and a library. I’d like to continue that dream, and keep making things just a bit better for some worthy children.

The Village School Project moves forward into the future; I’ll be donating part of my profit towards them. It’s not a top-heavy charity, it’s just me, my friend and mentor at Shrimath yoga school in the same village, and a strong belief that love has no borders.

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