Her Soulful Face Revealed

Heather’s Soul Revealed, by Dennis DuBois

My friend, the poet Dennis DuBois attended the vernissage of “Middle Distance” –  my exhibition of photographic images and book launch.

Dennis had a grand time, took a few rotten photographs and then went home to create a little collage for me. Such a kind gesture, but he was in for a shock when something peculiar emerged before his eyes.

Her Soulful Face Revealed

How did it come about?

At my desk

the day after your publication

celebration party,

I was looking over pictures taken

with an unsteady hand.

Most were fuzzy.

Only one clear image of you but

poorly angled,

crowded out

by the right margin, showing only

half your face.


At play,

I duplicated the image, cut

all else away,
paired the two, side by side,

which created a curious


Encouraged, I toyed further with it,

manipulating the image,

distorting it, smearing it, adding

shapes, changing color.

In a different scenario I might

have been a tailor

assisting you in your choice of gown,

decoration, accoutrements.

As I am now, experimenting rapidly

with your image,

trying on different treatments

for color, fit, and pattern.


Transfixed and deeper in,

I stumbled

into this profound space.

Shocked at first,

the image, unmanageable,

became an entity on to itself.

Not a mask,

but made up of parts of you.

Gone was the face

seen in the mirror,

The visible, external parts

you show others, now inverted,

showing something



You may not recognize him or her,

as I did not at first,
but I urge you not to draw back

in fear

or take flight.

Could it be your animal self?

your anima or animus,

one of the many

who’ve taken up residence

inside you?


The energy may shift, the image

may alter or vary

in mysterious turns,

changing again, and again,

so difficult is it to lock onto,

transforming, as it does, from

instant to instant.

But for this moment

there you were, clear to me, perhaps,

unknown to yourself,

your soul,

who you really are, what you

really look like,


Needless to say, odd as it was,

a joy

to meet you in this way.



–5 December 2018  Dennis Michael DuBois


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