Fluttering In The Ether

This past Sunday I began to lay my latest book, Middle Distance gently to rest. This four-year-old child of mine which hurt so much as it lay within me arrived, with a thud, at the end of November 2018. Then, as I stood by the mighty Amazon, I felt glad to see the painful episodes around her conception fade. Each difficult chapter becoming hazier, softer as she sailed swiftly down the river into the middle distance, ensconced in her carefully woven basket of love. A flurry of half-hearted marketing, then to breathe a heavy sigh and mourn her departure. And I began to forget her and to skim lightly over the hours of pain and revision, and new pain and learning, then revision and layer upon layer of thought that she incessantly demanded. She was almost out of view in the fast-flowing river, as I turned my back to all that I freely gave to her insatiable appetite. Then, on Monday this message arrived by email:

Comment: I challenge observers not to love this work for the exquisite rendering of Danish winter landscapes alone. But it will also resonate with anyone who understands the necessity and kick-ass value of engaging personal demons in standoffs on fresh soil when the chips are down. Thoughtfully illustrated and skillfully written, this moving story is one of courage and recovery – honestly and intimately explored.

Time: February 17, 2019 at 10:35 pm
IP Address:
Contact Form URL: https://heathergartside.com/the-middle-distance/

I’m wiser today. I’ve learned that you should never give up on something that you treasure. So I bring her to you here, for the next twelve hours a little bit cheaper. And I ask you if you were at all moved by the book once you’ve read it … in a negative or positive way, to please post her a review on Amazon to speed her journey and give her old mother the courage to create again.


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