My Beautiful Gallery

Love in a cold climate – a reflection on exhibiting my work in a sunny place

By Heather Gartside

Sometimes in life thick clouds obscure the sun; a sudden darkness and the wind that picks up and blows right through you. Wrapping clothes tightly around, you walk into the tempest and are scoured by events beyond your control.

That was me in October

Then, a single shaft of sunlight. I was asked to exhibit in a group art exhibition called, LIKE A WOMAN at My Beautiful Gallery in Rungsted, Denmark. That gesture, that hand being offered to pull me away from the cold wind was perfectly timed, and my creativity blossomed like never before. Since the show other things have blown crazily around in my life, but with the fascination and admiration that I have for this terrific, atmospheric and downright bohemian place this ray of sunshine has remained constant. My Beautiful Gallery holds new art exhibitions every two months, bluesy jazz concerts and concerts by contemporary musicians, and a VERY good selection of wine in it’s charming wine bar. The gallery is housed in a stunning ‘National Romantic’ period waiting hall on Rungsted Kyst station – a brilliant location for visitors coming by train from Copenhagen, Helsingør, locally or from Nordsjælland.

For the rest of December there’s a lovely mixed show of Christmas creative gift ideas. My Beautiful X-mas show

Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday 15:00 – 18:00

My Beautiful Gallery. Østre Stationsvej 6, 2960 Rungsted Kyst. Denmark Tel: +45 52 82 82 71


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  2. I’ll definitely visit this blog again, thank you 🙂


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