Rice Pudding in a Duvet

I’d like to take you on an episodic journey through thirty years in the life of our unlikely heroine, Alice. In each chapter, we dip into an entertaining episode of one her experiences, almost like picking chocolates from a box. We don’t quite know what filling to expect; then the flavours explode into sweetness, nuttiness, bitterness or a crunch! Each chapter is inspired by a recipe, as she loves to cook, and each creation brings us closer to celebrating the wonderful feast that is Alice.

You’ll find the newly relaunched hardback book at Mill House Publishers

The new cover of Rice Pudding in a Duvet
The shiny new cover of Rice Pudding in a Duvet

2 thoughts on “Rice Pudding in a Duvet

  1. As always heather – oh so chic yet down to earth – never been to Paris but it certainly reminded me of you!! As far as ebooks go – have a look at what happened with 50 shades – I have read lots of articles (and haven’t kept any) but information about that must be on the web somewhere.
    Keep it up – I forwarded it to my Book Group – hope its not shocked them too much….


    1. Well, how was the book club? Not too many Scottish teacups rattled I hope


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